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  • サウンド?ライブ?トーキョー
    飴屋法水 × 工藤冬里

    Left - Norimizu Ameya (Photo: zAk)
    Right - Tori Kudo (Photo: Reiko Kudo)

    2013年10月5日 17時30分 東京文化会館小ホール

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    山梨県生まれ。神奈川県立小田原高校卒。17歳で状況劇場に参加。音響を務める。23歳で独立、以降、1980年代は主に、東京グランギニョル、MMMなどにて演劇作品を発表。1990年より、レントゲン芸術研究所を基点に、現代美術に発表の場を移す。1995年、作品制作を止め、様々な動物を飼育販売する「動物堂」を開始。2005年「バ  ング  ント」展で活動再開。以来、フェスティバル/トーキョー、吾妻橋ダンスクロッシング、HARAJUKU PERFORMANCE +、水と土の芸術祭、国東半島アートプロジェクト等に参加。静岡、いわき、国東半島などでは中学生や高校生と共同作業。また、ミュージシャンとのライブパフォーマンスも多く、大友良英、山川冬樹、テニスコーツ、小山田圭吾、七尾旅人、ECD、空間現代、core of bells、中原昌也、MARK等と共演。

    歌伴劇音の類いとしては松山「ナイトシアター?パレス」のトラでピアノを弾いたのが最初(1972)、上京後は新宿ゴールデン街の「ハバナ?ムーン」でピアノを弾いていた時に知り合った「風の旅団」の音楽をしばらく担当(1983)、最近ではモントリオールの劇作家ジェイコブ?ウレンと組んだ『No Double Life for the Wicked』(国際舞台芸術ミーティング in 横浜、2011)、東京文化会館で行なわれたシェフィールドの演出家ティム?エッチェルスの作品『ウォール?オブ?サウンド』(サウンド?ライブ?トーキョー、2012)の音楽監督、自身の演劇行動としては『tori kudo’s meltdown』(高円寺、2012)、大久保周辺等における「ひとりデモ」のシリーズ(2012)などがある。



    Norimizu Ameya, a performance maker whose involvement in theatre started as the sound engineer of Jokyo Gekijo (artistic director: Juro Kara), has worked with a lot of musicians, and in his multi-layered artistic direction, words, sound and music are equally resonant. Tori Kudo, a musician / potter, has recently been employing theatrical elements in live performances to renew his music, and calls his band Maher Shalal Hash Baz “a band as a theatre company.” The two unpredictable artists, who were eager for collaboration with each other, finally meet for this creation / performance.

    Norimizu Ameya
    Born in Yamanashi Prefecture. Graduated from Odawara High School. Joined a theatre company Jokyo Gekijo at the age of 17 as sound engineer. Left the company at 23, and created performances in his own companies Tokyo Grand Guignol and MMM in the 1980s. In 1990, based at Roentgen Kunst Institut, he moved to the field of contemporary art. In 1995, he stopped creation and started “Dobutsu-do,” a shop that bred and sold diverse animals. Restarted his activities in 2005 with an exhibition Vanishing Point, and since then he has participated in such projects as Festival/Tokyo, Azumabashi Dance Xing, HARAJUKU PERFORMANCE +, Water and Land — Niigata Art Festival and Kunisaki Art Project. Collaborated with junior high school and high school students in Shizuoka, Iwaki and Kunisaki. Has also actively collaborated with musicians including Yoshihide Otomo, Fuyuki Yamakawa, Tenniscoats, Keigo Oyamada, Tabito Nanao, ECD, kukangendai, core of bells, Masaya Nakahara and MARK.

    Tori Kudo
    Among his involvement in accompaniment for singers and theatre, he played the piano as a substitute at Night Theatre Palace in Matsuyama (1972), composed for a theatre company Kaze no Ryodan that he got to know when he was playing the piano at Habana Moon in the Golden District in Shinjuku (1983), recently collaborated with Jacob Wren, a playwright based in Montreal, in their performance No Double Life for the Wicked (Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, 2011) and played the part of musical director in Wall of Sound by a Sheffield-based performance maker Tim Etchells (Sound Live Tokyo, 2012). Among his own theatrical acts are tori kudo’s meltdown (Koenji, 2012) and a series of “one-person demonstrations” in the Okubo area (2012).